Show Shortcode Without Processing

[print] [shortcodes] [in] [posts] [without] [hindrance]! This is useful if you need to print shortcodes in tutorials or instruction manuals for WordPress plugins. It allow you to output live shortcodes that would normally be processed and the output rendered into… more

Basic WordPress Contact Form

A very basic contact form in a shortcode. No-frills! If you are looking for a standard contact form for your website, this could be for you. All it collects is the persons name, email and their message. There’s also an… more

BuddyPress NoCaptcha reCaptcha Register Box Plugin

Tough on bots, Easy on humans I love the new captcha’s that have started appearing, you know the ones with pictures you must match etc. Or should I say, I hate them much less than the old style mangled letter captcha’s… more

Setup prettyPhoto Lightbox on WordPress or Genesis Child Theme

Have your images open in a beautiful light box! I wanted to add a lightbox into a site I’m building and I’m really trying to keep the site as lightweight as possible. I also needed this lightbox to be free… more

Clean Up WordPress Comments

Remove the ‘HTML tags’ message from WordPress’s commenting system. This function allows you to change the ‘Leave a Reply’ title on the WordPress comments. It also removes the message about which HTML tags the commenter can use. The Code


Remove Tagline / Site Description in Genesis Framework

The Genesis Framework makes it very easy to hook and unhook actions. Here’s an example – Add this line of code to your functions.php file to remove the site tag-line from the header on Genesis child themes. The Code


Add KK Star Ratings to BuddyPress Activity Stream

Insert star ratings into new posts on the BuddyPress activity stream. Are you are a BuddyPress user and also use the KK Star Ratings plugin to allow users to rate your posts? This function will add KK Star Ratings into your… more

Change Number of Jetpack Related Posts

By default, Jetpack’s related posts feature returns 3 results. Change the number with this function. There is no obvious way to change the number of related posts that the Jetpack plugin for WordPress generates. It’s actually very easy, just add… more

Get List of All WooCommerce Products

Returns an array of WooCommerce products and product variations. Use this as a building block for your own WooCommerce plugins or hacks. The function will return an array of all WooCommerce products and product variants. It removes parent products from… more

Send Debug Messages to a File

Send values of variables to a debug file with a simple function call. When developing a plugin or function, its often useful to be able to read variables at critical points in your code. Or, to log important events over… more

Reduce Large Numbers to Human Readable Formats

A function to make large numbers easier to read or take up less space Sometimes it’s useful to make large numbers more ‘human’ or smaller so they fit in a table. With this function, you can reduce numbers to thousands… more

Get the Current Page URL

This function simply returns the URL of the current page. The URL is returned with its protocol and TCP port number. I’ve added a shortcode just incase you need to return it within your page or post content. The Code

Usage In… more

Add Animated Scroll to Internal Links

All internal links that start with a ‘#’ will use jQuery to smoothly scroll to the relevant page position. Just paste this into your functions.php file and it should just work. If you have any problems, make sure jQuery is… more

Fix Google Structured Data > hentry Errors

Do you have lots of Missing: author, Missing: entry-title or Missing: updated errors in Google’s WebMaster Tools? Add this code to your functions.php and it should fix most of them. Read the ‘Set Up’ at the bottom of the article as there is… more

Redirect a WordPress Page Between Dates

Allows you to redirect a certain page or post on your WordPress blog to another location, depending on the date. You set the start and end dates, The post_id of the page you want redirecting and the URL where you… more

Related Posts Shortcode for WordPress

Display related posts in a definable amount of columns. This function will add a shortcode that returns lists of related posts. The posts are formatted in a table like manner. You can send attributes to control the number of results,… more

Add Social Links to WordPress

This function will enable you to insert social links into your templates very easily! You can use this simple function to add links you your social networking pages. It features clean Font Awesome icons. I’ve include a few of the… more

Add Favicon Metadata to WordPress

It’s easy to add meta-data to the <head> section of your WordPress site. This will insert any code or metadata into the <head> of your site. In this example, I’m adding favicons of various sizes and formats. The Code


BuddyPress Member Joined Duration

Returns a string with a human friendly time since a member joined the site. This requires the BuddyPress plug in. You can pass a $user_id in the function for that users duration. Alternatively, it shows the displayed users duration. The Code


Add Font Awesome to your WordPress Theme

Font Awesome is a fabulous set of vector icons that you are free to use on your own website. To do this, all you have to do is load the stylesheet. You don’t even have to host it yourself, it… more

Make Widgets Execute Shortcodes

Shortcodes added into text widgets are not processed by default in WordPress. There are many plugins available to add this functionality, but why bother? Just add this single line of code in your functions.php! The Code


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