BuddyPress NoCaptcha reCaptcha Register Box Plugin

Tough on bots, Easy on humans I love the new captcha’s that have started appearing, you know the ones with pictures you must match etc. Or should I say, I hate them much less than the old style mangled letter captcha’s… more

Add KK Star Ratings to BuddyPress Activity Stream

Insert star ratings into new posts on the BuddyPress activity stream. Are you are a BuddyPress user and also use the KK Star Ratings plugin to allow users to rate your posts? This function will add KK Star Ratings into your… more

BuddyPress Member Joined Duration

Returns a string with a human friendly time since a member joined the site. This requires the BuddyPress plug in. You can pass a $user_id in the function for that users duration. Alternatively, it shows the displayed users duration. The Code


BuddyPress Members Lists Shortcode

Add a shortcode that displays lists of BuddyPress members within your posts or pages. Add members lists to your posts, pages and widgets. There are options for newest, last active, random member list. Plus option for avatar size, number of… more

BBPress Private Message Links

Add private message links to your BBPress forum topics and replies. Do you use Buddypress and BBPress? This function will add a ‘private message’ link to each topic and reply in BBPress. When a user clicks the PM link, they are… more

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