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BuddyPress Members Lists Shortcode

Add a shortcode that displays lists of BuddyPress members within your posts or pages. Add members lists to your posts, pages and widgets. There are options for newest, last active, random member list. Plus option for avatar size, number of… more

Auto Insert Adsense Google Adverts into Posts

Adsense advertisements where you want them.. Merged with your content! This is a follow-on from the Insert Responsive Adsense Advert post. You MUST have followed that article to set up the Adsense shortcode first! Once you have both functions set… more

Responsive Google Adsense Advert Shortcode for WordPress

This shortcode allows you to insert responsive Adsense advertisements anywhere you choose to in your posts or pages. There are plenty of options to adjust the type and style of the advert. Plus there’s the option to auto-insert the advert… more

Show Links / Blogroll Shortcode

Show your links anywhere with this shortcode. If you wish to show your WordPress links (also known as the blogroll) in a page or post, this will create a shortcode to print a list of links. Set Up Change LINKCATEGORY… more

Add Google Analytics to WordPress

Quick and easy way to add Google Analytics to your blog If you want to add Google Analytics to track your website visitors, this little bit of code will do it for you. This function will also work with any other… more

Set the Jetpack Gallery Width

Sometimes its useful to be able to control the width of tiled gallery in Jetpack. The width can only be specified in pixels, not percent unfortunately. This can be easily expanded to set different widths on certain pages (see the commented… more

Add a Custom User Avatar on WordPress

Would you like to change your default mystery man avatar? Its already possible to change the ‘mystery man’ in the ‘settings/discussion’ area of WordPress admin. The problem is you only have a very limited choice from Gravatar. I wanted to upload my own image!… more

Add Links to WordPress Widget Titles

You can add links to or modify your widget titles however you please. This function allows you to add hyperlinks, or change the text of widget titles. For instance I sometime use it for adding Font Awesome icons to titles…. more

BBPress Private Message Links

Add private message links to your BBPress forum topics and replies. Do you use Buddypress and BBPress? This function will add a ‘private message’ link to each topic and reply in BBPress. When a user clicks the PM link, they are… more

Add nofollow to External Links in Posts

Protect your SEO! This snippet will add rel=”nofollow” to any links within your posts. There is no set up required, just add the code below into your functions.php. The Code

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