Tough on bots, Easy on humans



I love the new captcha’s that have started appearing, you know the ones with pictures you must match etc.

Or should I say, I hate them much less than the old style mangled letter captcha’s 😉

screenshot-3Up until now. I’ve been using Wangguard to protect my Buddypress site from spambots. This is OK but I find it a bit more than I need, plus some people have complained they couldn’t register because Wangguard had blacklisted them.

I wanted something simple and lightweight.. all I needed was a captcha box on the Buddypress register page. I found a plugin for Buddypress on the WordPress plugin repository that was almost just what I was looking for, but it used the old-style Goggle API. 🙁

screenshot-1So, I’ve ripped the guts out of that plugin and updated it to use Google’s cool new style captcha..

If you would like to try the plug-in, here it is:

BuddyPress NoCaptcha on WordPress plugin repository

Alternatively, you can do a search for ‘Buddypress nocaptcha’ in your dashboard. cool!!

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