Show Shortcode Without Processing

[print] [shortcodes] [in] [posts] [without] [hindrance]! This is useful if you need to print shortcodes in tutorials or instruction manuals for WordPress plugins. It allow you to output live shortcodes that would normally be processed and the output rendered into… more

Basic WordPress Contact Form

A very basic contact form in a shortcode. No-frills! If you are looking for a standard contact form for your website, this could be for you. All it collects is the persons name, email and their message. There’s also an… more

Reduce Large Numbers to Human Readable Formats

A function to make large numbers easier to read or take up less space Sometimes it’s useful to make large numbers more ‘human’ or smaller so they fit in a table. With this function, you can reduce numbers to thousands… more

Get the Current Page URL

This function simply returns the URL of the current page. The URL is returned with its protocol and TCP port number. I’ve added a shortcode just incase you need to return it within your page or post content. The Code

Usage In… more

Related Posts Shortcode for WordPress

Display related posts in a definable amount of columns. This function will add a shortcode that returns lists of related posts. The posts are formatted in a table like manner. You can send attributes to control the number of results,… more

Make Widgets Execute Shortcodes

Shortcodes added into text widgets are not processed by default in WordPress. There are many plugins available to add this functionality, but why bother? Just add this single line of code in your functions.php! The Code


BuddyPress Members Lists Shortcode

Add a shortcode that displays lists of BuddyPress members within your posts or pages. Add members lists to your posts, pages and widgets. There are options for newest, last active, random member list. Plus option for avatar size, number of… more

Responsive Google Adsense Advert Shortcode for WordPress

This shortcode allows you to insert responsive Adsense advertisements anywhere you choose to in your posts or pages. There are plenty of options to adjust the type and style of the advert. Plus there’s the option to auto-insert the advert… more

Show Links / Blogroll Shortcode

Show your links anywhere with this shortcode. If you wish to show your WordPress links (also known as the blogroll) in a page or post, this will create a shortcode to print a list of links. Set Up Change LINKCATEGORY… more

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